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Adult with young rabbits
Juvenile Rabbit
2 bunnies together, Litter of 3 bunnies
6 week old bunnies
stretching, sitting up, crouching
Arctic Hare
Cottontail Stretching
Domestic Rabbit
European Hare
Jackrabbit Standing
March Hare
Nesting Litter
of Bunnies
Rabbit Washing Face
Snowshoe Hare
Dancing Bunny
Dancing Bunny
Easter Bunny
on a garden path

Rabbits and Hares

These Rabbits and Hares are sculpted from nature
and painted their natural coat colors for each species.

However, they can be ordered painted any Rabbit color.
When ordering specify rabbit and color.
If you do not list a color I will paint the rabbit its natural color.

Colors: white, grey, butterscotch, light brown,
medium brown, dark brown, red, and black (solid or spotted)


Arctic Hare In nature the Arctic Hare is white in winter
and grey or brown in summer.
$ 33.00
Cottontail Stretching A small, medium to dark brown rabbit $ 37.00

Domestic Rabbit

Often white or spotted, see colors above $ 32.00
European Hare Large brown hare $ 32.00
Jackrabbit Standing Light brown, with black tail, long legs,
and big ears
$ 54.00
Juvenile Rabbit sitting Half grown rabbit $ 30 .00
March Hare A whimsical creature with buck teeth $ 33.00
Rabbit Washing Face This is a cottontail rabbit $ 35.00
Snowshoe Hare A varying hare, white in winter and
brown or grey in summer
$ 26.00

Baby Bunnies

Nesting Litter of 5 Bunnies 1 week old $ 23.00
Litter of 3 Bunnies 3 weeks old $ 23.00
2 Bunnies together 3 weeks old $ 24.00
Single Bunny 6 weeks old
crouching, sitting up, stretching
$ 24.00
Whimsical Bunnies    
Dancing Bunny A whimsical rabbit walking upright
2 1/4” high (57mm) Poses vary.
$ 99.00
Easter Bunny with sack The Dancing Bunny with a sack of Carrots
or Easter Eggs, and a walking stick
$ 139.00
Easter Bunny on a Garden Path Easter Bunny on a garden path
Base 2 3/4” wide (70mm)
$ 199.00



Sitting up


Raccoon Standing   $ 55.50
Raccoon Sitting up   $ 38.00

Raccoon Crouching

  $ 38.00

Black Footed Ferrets

standing, standing straight up, sitting down
Ferret Standing   $ 37.00
Ferret Standing up   $ 37.00

Ferret Sitting down

  $ 37.00

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