Santa and reindeer miniature
Santa and friends

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reindeer miniature
reindeer miniature
Reindeer Bull (winter cream)
Reindeer in Harness
Reindeer Bull (medium brown)
Reindeer Bull (dark brown)

Each Reindeer is one of a kind.
The body is ceramic. The antlers are soldered, painted wire.

Measurements taken from living Reindeer are
scaled down to one-inch-to-the-foot

Colors: white, winter cream, butterscotch, light brown,
dark brown, light grey, dark grey
(In nature the legs and face of a Reindeer
are usually darker than the body.)


Reindeer Bull 3 3/8” (80mm) to the top of the shoulder
6” (152mm) to the top of the antlers
$ 230.00
Reindeer in Harness The harness is leather and cloth braid with
ribbon reins and brass or silver tone bells.
Harness can be Black or Brown.
$ 300.00

Shipping: Reindeer shipped via Express Mail ..... $24.00

White-tailed Deer Fawns
Sylvia Mobley at Pine Rose Studios
fawn miniature
fawn miniature
Tiny Fawn
Small Fawn


Tiny Fawn curled up $ 99.00
Small Fawn head raised $ 99.00




Unicorn, reclining White with gold horn, White hair mane and tail
Poses vary, alternate colors available
$ 178.00

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