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Basset Hound
Cairn Terrier
King Charles Spaniel
German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Toy Poodle
Welsh Corgi
(long tail)
Welsh Corgi
(short tail)


Ordering Dogs

Dogs are sculpted and sized to American Kennel Club standards for each breed.
Colors follow breed standards.
If you do not specify a color I will paint the dog as shown in the photo.
Custom painting: I can not match your dog.
I will try to approximate your dog’s markings if you send photos.
(Label each photo with your name and address if you wish to have it returned)


Basset Hound Black & Tan & White (shown),
Lemon & White, Or any Hound color
$ 61 .00
Cairn Terrier Any color except White,
dark ears and muzzle desirable
$ 51 .00

King Charles Spaniel

Tricolor, Blenheim (shown),
Black and Tan, and Ruby
$ 57 .00
Collie Sable & White (shown),
Tri-color, and Blue Merle
$ 99 .00
Dachshund One-colored, Two-colored (Black & Tan Shown),
and Dappled
$ 69 .00
German Shepherd Black & Gold (shown), Black, Black & Tan $ 99 .00
Golden Retriever Cream, Light Gold, and Dark Gold (shown) $ 81 .00
Labrador Retriever Black, Yellow (shown), and Chocolate $ 81 .00
Toy Poodle Blue, Grey, Silver, Brown, Apricot, and Cream (shown) $ 49 .00
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
(long tail)
Available sitting (shown) or standing.
Red, Sable, Brindle, Black, Black & Tan, Blue Merle (shown),
all with white flashings
$ 57 .00
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
(short tail)
Available sitting or standing (shown)
Red (shown), Sable, Fawn, Black & Tan,
with or without white markings
$ 57 .00

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